A law firm built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. 

Until now, the only option to get clarity on the legal areas affecting your business was to pay hundreds of dollars an hour for confusing advice that never fully answered your questions.  

But, as entrepreneurs like you, we know that sometimes you just want to understand the pros and cons, so you can make a strategic decision about how to proceed. Or you need a contract form that actually protects you, and that you actually understand.
That’s why we created A Better Business.

We explain complex legal issues in easy-to-understand terms, so you can feel confident you’re making the right decision for your business, with a strong legal foundation backing you up.

Our free resource library and DIY legal templates are a quick, cost-effective way to get up to speed on legal issues that may have seemed confusing or overwhelming before. When you’re ready for more support, we’re available for 1-1 support, drafting legal documents, reviewing your leases, and help you plan for the next stage of growth—and your exit someday!  And if and when you’re ready to sell, we’ll be by your side as your broker and attorney. 

From start-up to sale, we’re with you for the whole journey.


Attorney & Founder

I founded A Better Business—formerly known as Marder Law—in 2019 to change the way business owners and entrepreneurs access legal advice. I’m on a mission to democratize business law, and help entrepreneurs build a strong legal foundation that not only protects them and their assets—but increases their impact, profits, and quality of life. I believe affordable, accessible legal advice should be available to every business owner, no matter how small your business is or how busy your days are!

I’ve represented hundreds of business owners with everything from starting a business to cashing out for millions, and lots of milestones in between. I spent the first decade of my legal career working in large regional law firms, representing clients in a wide variety of industries: Medical, Financial, Insurance, Construction, Landscaping, Engineering, Manufacturing, Technology, Real Estate, Coaching/Consulting, Online Education, Bars, Restaurants, and Retail, just to name a few. I’ve helped my legal clients close more than $100M in business sales and acquisitions, and I’m passionate about helping business owners get top dollar for their hard-earned equity!

You can read more about my professional background and awards here and see some of my representative transactions here.

When I’m not on strategy calls with clients or recording new videos for our free resource library, you’ll find me adventuring around the world (most recently sailing down the Nile in Egypt!), roadtripping with my paddleboard, mountain bike, and dogs, or enjoying sunset from my homebase in Tucson, Arizona.


An attorney by day and a baker and home chef by night, Laura enjoys nothing more than going for walks with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs (the cats don’t like walks). She calls on her business school economics background and her own experience as a entrepreneur to strategize with clients on starting, growing, buying or selling their business.

Laura started her legal career in public service, representing indigent clients accused of felony DUI and other criminal charges. She then joined her husband David in operating their independent used car dealership, where she handled day-to-day business, managed employees, and reviewed contracts. When she was ready to dive back into full-time practice, she joined the transactional team at a Tucson-based firm (where she met Meredith!) and handled all aspects of business law for her clients. You can see her full resume here.

Now Laura specializes in helping small business owners make sense of business law, whether they are working with independent contractors, leasing a new space, or buying or selling a business. She has represented hundreds of clients in various transactions (many times side-by-side with Meredith) and spent countless hours sifting through piles of due diligence—so she knows exactly what is needed to maximize the value of your business and how to set yourself up for an easy exit down the road. She is thrilled to partner with you to help you plan for the future of your dreams!

Financial Consultant

David has worked in just about every sector of accounting—starting out in financial statements audit with a Big 4 firm, moving to tax preparation work for individuals and businesses, starting and owning two businesses of his own, and then going in-house as a controller and CFO for companies in the consumer sales and finance industries. He’s evaluated hundreds of businesses and is passionate about helping you understand and tell the financial story of your business.

He can often be found enjoying a cigar and barbecuing in the backyard or camping and off-roading with his wife Laura and two daughters. David brings a laid-back, Midwestern approach to his consulting strategy and can’t wait to help you understand the difference between FIFO and LIFO, but more importantly, he would love to tell you about his rescue dogs and the cats he claims he never wanted (but now adores).

Operations Manager

As a native Rhode Islander, Morgan can most often be found at the beach, even in the winter! She and her husband just welcomed a baby boy into their family in October 2022 and their two dogs are slowly getting used to the fact that he’s not just visiting.

Morgan has spent the last nine years as a high school math teacher, sharing her passion for numbers with her students and inspiring them to see the value in overcoming challenges and learning new things.

Morgan’s attention to detail allows her to see all aspects of a task, while being able to align her work with the bigger picture of any organization. That’s why she’s so amazing at running the back-end of our firm, and ensuring your experience at A Better Business is as supportive and efficient as possible. Every step of the way, she helps our business run more smoothly, so we can help your business run more smoothly!