“The 1500% exponential growth we’ve experienced is a direct correlation to the structures that you helped us put in place, so thank you!”

Rachel went from thinking her business was too small and didn’t make enough money to need a lawyer, to realizing how important the structures were to grow her team and actually protect her business.

Now she understands the legal side of her business doesn’t have to be scary, and chatting about business issues with her lawyer via Voxer is “like having a friend and confidante in her pocket.”

Rachel Freiman, Mindstrong Fitness


  • Thought her business was “too small” for legal help
  • One-woman business, wearing all the hats
  • Expansion would have been a mess,
  • Online contract gave her “false” peace of mind
  • Ignore the legal side of her business because she didn’t understand it
  • Thought lawyers were cold, corporate, impersonal


  • Exponential 1500% growth in 2 years
  • Now has a team of 7 with plans to grow
  • Has more free time as a business owner
  • Uses legit contracts that actually protect her business
  • Understands the why behind her business structure
  • Chatting with her lawyer calms her down
  • Feels confident scaling up

“If you think you’re too small, if you think you’re not ready, if you think I’ll do it someday, that’s backwards. Do it now, before you think you’re ready and your future self will want to kiss you on the mouth for it.”

Rachel Freiman, 
MindStrong Fitness

“My family and I want to thank you for your guidance and amazing efforts in resolving this matter for us in such a short and urgent time-frame. We are so grateful to have been under your care and invaluable expertise. You went above and beyond in navigating us to the end, and we could not be more satisfied with the outcome. We are enormously appreciative of you, your team, and the amazing work that you all do!”

A family-owned business in Phoenix, Arizona

“By FAR the most valuable and responsible step I have taken as a business owner”

Vernon was struggling to create a smart and sustainable growth plan when he came to see me. He wasn’t clear on where his company was going—and he had no clue just how valuable his business was! With an Exit Strategy Session Vernon got clear on exactly what he needed to do to achieve the next level of growth.

Vernon Hogan, Pro Software Solutions


  • Not able to see the big picture of his business
  • Confused about which professionals to hire for what he needed
  • Didn't know what to do next to achieve the next level of growth he wanted
  • Unsure how to prioritize the various risks in his business
  • Had no idea how much his business was really worth


  • Massively grew his team and replaced himself as CEO
  • Revenue skyrocketed
  • Knew exactly who to hire and what their role would be
  • Clear on what his greatest risks are and how to tackle them
  • Got a plan that made growing logical and affordable through prioritization
  • Shocked, relieved, and ecstatic to realize the massive value of his company
  • Has more free time to enjoy life
Vernon walked away empowered and clear on where to invest his legal dollars first, and which items to tackle next as his business continued to grow.

In the year since our Exit Strategy Session, his company’s revenue has skyrocketed, his team has grown tremendously, and he’s built even more equity for when he’s ready to exit! But best of all, Vernon’s had way more time with his family and went on lots of amazing vacations. 
Now that he’s got a phenomenal team running the business, he can take a step back from the start-up grind and start enjoying his life again.

“I would recommend Meredith’s program to anyone who needs expert advice on how to manage and prioritize the risks associated with a growing business. As a business owner its value is incredible. Every business owner should go through this process.”

Vernon Hogan, 
PRO Software Solutions

“Meredith has the ability to make complicated concepts seem very tangible and understandable. She truly took the time to explain every detail to me. Working with Meredith is completely worth the investment.”

Blair Woerfel,
BW Studio & Events