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Financial Exit Strategy

Improve the profitability and financial health of your business with a Financial Exit Strategy.

When potential buyers take interest in your business, they will be looking for two things: your financial potential and any red flags in your company. 

An in-depth Financial Exit Strategy guarantees that strong financials and smooth path to closing is all they find.  And the sooner you have an Exit Strategy, the more money you'll make while you still own the business.

If someone were to ask you…

  • Do you know exactly how profitable each of the products and services that you offer is?

  • Do you have an asset schedule for your business?

  • Do you have a list of liabilities for your business?

  • Would you know how to value your biz if you wanted to sell it to your business partner next month?

  • Do you know what your personal equity is in the business (or how much you’d get if you sold now)?

  • Do you have a Statement of Cash Flow and can you explain the cash flow of your business?

Could you answer YES to all of these questions? 
Most business owners cannot. 

Most business owners rely on bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, or software like QuickBooks to manage their financials. 

While these are great to make sure there’s enough money in the bank and you’re never behind on your taxes…

They don’t offer any strategic or long-term planning advice—let alone suggestions on how to improve your business’ financials and increase its value.

Without strategic guidance, many business owners:

❌  Aren’t able to explain how all their debts were used.

❌  Don’t know which products or services are actually costing them money.

❌  Don’t have the right systems to support their revenue growth.

❌  Don’t understand their own financial statements (let alone know how to explain them to a potential buyer).

❌  Have old, random entries in their books that don’t tie out, including that weird expense they didn’t know where to put.

❌  Live on a constant financial rollercoaster, hoping there will be enough money to cover the bills from year to year (even as their business grows).

❌  Pay more than they should on taxes, and miss out on strategies to plan how and when to pay taxes that they don’t even know about.

Before you get overwhelmed, please know you are not alone.  And taking control of the finances of your business is often much easier than it seems.

What if you could…

  • Understand and explain your own financials with confidence

  • Learn how to tell your business story in a way that increases the value of your business to potential buyers

  • Say “yes” to the offer-of-a lifetime, because you’re in the position to sell only when you’re ready

  • Know what needs cleaning up in your business, and have a prioritized plan for how to get there

  • now exactly what your books show and be able to explain it to others

  • Maximize your company’s profitability

  • Make sure your business isn’t undervalued so you can cash in on your hard-earned equity

  • Have a smooth sale when the time comes, instead of stressful and expensive negotiations


You just need the right Financial Exit Strategy.

In our 1:1 Financial Exit Strategy Session, you will:


Get a roadmap to know what to focus on next to get your business’ financials in top shape


Get coached on how to present your business financials to potential buyers


Learn how to tell the story of how your business can be profitable without you


Understand the profitability of everything you’re offering


Identify financial strategies to reduce your expenses, increase your revenue and minimize your debt


Identify tax strategies to minimize your taxes—now and when you exit


Learn everything you need to know about cash flow and debt for your business to thrive financially


Get a solid action plan to maximize your sale value and receive top dollar for your business


Learn how to make the financial choices that will lead you where you want to go, today and in the future, that are aligned with YOUR goals


David Kravec

Certified Public Accountant

David has worked in just about every sector of accounting—starting out in financial statements audit with a Big 4 firm, moving to tax preparation work for individuals and businesses, starting and owning two businesses of his own, and then going in-house as a controller and CFO for companies in the consumer sales and finance industries.

He can often be found enjoying a cigar and barbecuing in his backyard in Phoenix or camping and off-roading in the Arizona wilderness with his wife and two daughters. David brings a laid-back, Midwestern approach to his consulting strategy and can’t wait to help you understand the difference between FIFO and LIFO, but more importantly, he would love to tell you about his rescue dogs and the cats he claims he never wanted (but now adores).


  • Pre-Session Survey to identify your legal priorities and goals, clarify your questions, and see where your business stands right now.
  • 90 minute 1:1 Session with David Kravec to get clear on what you want for your business’ future and create a roadmap that leads directly there
  • Custom Financial Exit Strategy & Action Plan based on your specific business goals
  • Custom Decision-Making Matrix to learn how to spot the best financial opportunities for your business based on ROI and your own, personalized objectives


Financial Exit Strategy



  • Pre-Session Survey

  • CPA Review of Financials
  • 90 minute 1:1 Financial Exit Strategy Session

  • Custom Financial Exit Strategy & Action Plan

  • Custom Decision-Making Matrix

“I would recommend Meredith’s program to anyone who needs expert advice on how to manage and prioritize the risks associated with a growing business. As a business owner its value is incredible. Every business owner should go through this process.”
Vernon Hogan, PRO Software Solutions



A Better Exit — The Course


If you’d rather create your own Exit Strategy with our support—and connect with other enterpreneurs like you—we’ve created a course just for you! You’ll get live instruction, peer support, live Q&As with Meredith, guest speakers and more in our Better Exit Course!

Legal and Financial Exit Strategy


If you’re serious about your exit strategy, then it’s time to get serious about your financials and the legal side of your biz. Work with a lawyer and a CPA to create a comprehensive Legal and Financial Exit Strategy for your business, to ensure you can exit for top dollar when you’re ready!