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On Call Legal Support

It’s like having a Batphone, but instead of Batman, it’s your favorite business strategist and attorney.

For new and established business that are growing, regularly signing contracts, or just need answers to the day-to-day questions that come up when you’re running a biz, Meredith is now offering a limited number of on-call legal support spots.
For a flat monthly fee, you’ll get unlimited* access to Meredith via voice memo, text, and email—or add phone and Zoom access with an even faster response time.


  • Access to Meredith via Voxer, Email, Phone, and Zoom (depending on package)
  • Quick 1- or 2-biz day response times (usually same day!)
  • Answers to your legal questions, strategy questions,
  • 10% Discount on legal fees for Bespoke Engagements, Done-For-You Legal Documents,, and Legal Templates


Pay one low monthly price (or save more by paying annually!), and get unlimited* access to legal advice from Meredith:

Gold Level


OR $8,500/YEAR

  • Unlimited access via Voxer and Email
  • 2 business day response time (or faster)

Platinum Level


OR $21,500/YEAR

  • Unlimited access via Voxer and Email
  • Phone and Zoom access (24 hrs. notice)
  • 1 business day response time (or faster)
*Drafting projects and certain other projects (e.g., sale of a business, exit strategy sessions, etc.) are billed separately, but On-Call clients received a 10% discount on all Done-For-You Legal Documents, Legal Templates, and Bespoke Engagements (hourly and other flat fee projects). Meredith responds to messages only during designated business hours.


“The 1500% exponential growth we’ve experienced is a direct correlation to the structures that you helped us put in place, so thank you!

Rachel went from thinking her business was too small and didn’t make enough money to need a lawyer, to realizing how important the structures were to grow her team and actually protect her business.


Now she understands the legal side of her business doesn’t have to be scary, and chatting about business issues with her lawyer via Voxer is “like have a friend and confidant in her pocket.”


  • Thought her business was “too small” for legal help
  • One-woman business, wearing all the hats
  • Expansion would have been a mess
  • Online contract gave her “false” peace of mind
  • Ignore the legal side of her business because she didn’t understand it
  • Thought lawyers were cold, corporate, impersonal


  • Exponential 1500% growth in 2 years
  • Now has a team of 7 with plans to grow
  • Has more free time as a business owner
  • Uses legit contracts that actually protect her business
  • Understands the why behind her business structure
  • Chatting with her lawyer calms her down
  • Feels confident scaling up
“If you think you’re too small, if you think you’re not ready, if you think I’ll do it someday, that’s backwards. Do it now, before you think you’re ready, and your future self will want to kiss you on the mouth for it.”

Rachel Freiman | MindStrong Fitness

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